Living in Your Future Goals

When you want to make a life change, it doesn’t just happen by magic. You need to invest your imagination into it. It becomes alive in your own mind before I comes alive in reality. Just start to imagine. Start to live in the ‘being’ of the future. If you have specific goals, start ‘doing’ them in your head. Imagine what that website is going to look like. Imagine what your new conversations with others are going to sound like. Imagine your outfits. Imagine how you will be wearing your hair, and what jewelry you will have on. Work the numbers of your future income in your mind; how much you will earn per hour, how many hours you will be working.

We create it as we go along. When you ‘live’ it in your imagination, you will find, all of a sudden, that you are living it in real life. It becomes solid in your creative being before it becomes solid on earth. You pull yourself into the future in that manner. It’s not a scary unknown, because you have tried it on already. The stress of change will diminish, because you have worked out imaginary situations already. They do become real in the ether before they become real in ‘real life’.

You can live your future now. Go try it on!

If this is where you want to sit, sipping tea every sunset, start imagining it and 'being there'.

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