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  • Power Tarot – Bring It!

    Posted on January 24, 2016 by in Abundance, Empowerment, Happiness, Healing, Life Coaching, Tarot, Tarot Coaching




    Where is your power? Who has your power? Why do they have your power? Why did you give it to them? What would it be like to take that power back? Connect to your bad-ass self? Walk taller. Walk fearlessly. Walk knowing your awesome self.

    We, especially women, so easily give up our power. For so many different reasons. So much of it goes back to survival and fear. We learned how to survive as children. It may have been by making ourselves small. It may have been by making ourselves larger than we actually felt. Defenses. Defenses take our power. They show up in so many different ways, but they always come back to how we knew how to survive.

    Now, as adults, it has become habit. Our go to way of being. We don’t even realize that we have given up our power until we feel sad, scared, angry, confused, frustrated, broken.

    We need to find out how to tap into our latent power. Our latent awesomeness. The stuff that you know is there, it just can’t seem to find its way to the top.

    We. Are. Not. Helpless.

    Want to find your power? Want to strip off some of those protective layers and let your kickass self out?

    Let’s do a power session. Let’s have you find your strength.

    Set up a Reflective Tarot Coaching Session or a Power Email Reading, and walk in this world knowing yourself and knowing your strength!

    Click here to schedule your powerfulness!


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