Vaike is a dynamic coach who has the ability to really hear and understand the deeper meaning of what her clients are saying. Vaike brings her gifts of intuition and presence to each call. Through the cards she is able to interpret information that connects and creates awareness and space for real change.

Karen Proctor


My reading with Vaike really opened my eyes to how I’d been living in judgement and not following my heart. The cards pointed me strongly in the direction of following my heart which, to my surprise and amazement opened so many doors financially as well as to greater love and opportunity due to my new found openness and energy flow. I love her intuitive and sensitive approach and recommend her highly!

Sarah Brown
~organic gardner

Vaike is a deeply intuitive, spirited and authentic guide. My tarot experience was like none I’ve ever had before. It felt great to be able to reflect on the imagery in the cards and use my perceptions to uncover their meanings with Vaike guiding me along deeper into each one. Rather than telling you what will happen in the future or what you should do, Vaike helps you take charge of your present by helping you reveal your own truths.

Gina Riva
~speech educator