Life Coaching

Living the exact life you want can happen. Sometimes if it is not with the exact circumstances you imagined, the details aren’t . Loving your life is a choice. You put more value/energy on the positives and put less value/energy on the negatives.

It really is all possible. It’s not magic. It is a simple choice. It is gaining clarity on what your priorities are, what is holding you back, and basic, simple, mundane planning and follow through. Funny that the magic of life can come from practicality. Well, really, it is a combination of all of it, and magic just shows up. Your heart’s desire.

That doesn’t mean work doesn’t need to be done. It does. But working towards your goals is a  reward itself. there is so much satisfaction in creating the life you love.

You have all the answers. You think you know what you need to do. But maybe you can’t see it so clearly. Maybe the steps you need to take are hidden somewhere in the back of your knowledge. Coaching helps you see what you already know with enough clarity that you are motivated to take action.

My ideal client is someone who is overwhelmed and looking to simplify her life to open up space for joy and abundance. She realizes that time is finite, and really wants to make the most of her life from this point on. She wants to have space for what she keeps saying she wants, and she is ready to take the actions needed to make it happen.

Life satisfaction coaching. Creating your life. Accepting happiness.

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