Strength in Times Like These Tarot Reading


Strength in Times Like These Tarot Reading



Dear friends,

It is a challenging time right now. All around the world. I will not lie and say that I am free from the worry that everyone else has. I am. These are new and unexplored times. We all need grounding right now, to feel solid in this time of unknown. So, while I cannot offer anything for free, this week I created a tarot spread to help ground you while the world is going through so many changes. Our mindset is crucial in times like these, but our imaginations and that darn ‘voice’ in our head can be really damaging. That’s why I created this email reading for you. To bring you back to a place where you can move forward through all this chaos powerfully. 

And, honestly, I am offering it at low a cost that can hopefully allow people that need this to be able to access it. This will be through the end of March at least.

This is a 5 card spread, just for you, which looks at how the anxiety/stress shows up for you and how to relax, ground yourself and let go of some of the worry.

With so much love,