Email Readings

Hello and Welcome!

Answers to questions to get you on your path can be found in these focused tarot readings by email. Even though many answers can be found in just one card, in these simple yet revealing sessions, the addition of more cards provides additional layers of meaning, giving you more depths to explore. I am here to be your guide and helper.


The cards will reveal questions; some of which will provide you with immediate answers, however some will request more time for you to discover them. Sometimes it is easier to take your time working through a reading when you can read it for yourself and arrive at your own answers in your free time. This reading is set up for you to do just that.

The process is simple, quick, and easy. Simply answer the question on the questionnaire, which will provide me with a beginning point. The cards I pull, along with the information you provide me, will bring forth specific messages which I will present to you. This presentation wilI include ideas for you to ponder, may include questions for you which might surprise you, and will provide some clarity. Be clear, these are not MY answers and thoughts, but YOURS. It will place you in a position to find your own answers and insights. All that is required of you is openness and curiosity.

I will send you your reading within 48 hours.