Healing, Quiet, Clarity and 10 Questions to Get There



We all come to a point that we need to lay down and heal. Our nerves get rubbed raw. Over and over again. And there is a point when they are flat out exposed. Just the feel of a breeze floating over them can feel like fire.

That is when we are just done. We are over it. We have nothing else to give.

And. That. Is. Not. A. Bad. Thing.

We fight rest, we fight healing. But what if we changed that? What if we honored the down time instead of beating ourselves up over it? What if we really, truly saw the value?

Laying down. Letting all our muscles relax. Dropping into connections with the earth. The cool ground. The amazing silence. That breeze being a soft blanket. It no longer sounds like something to fight against. It almost sounds like something to work towards, instead. We rush and save for a ‘vacation’ from life. But shouldn’t life not need a vacation? If we honored our cycles, honored and respected the time of rest, we could go on vacation because of interest, not need. I like it that way much better. Don’t you?

And so to honor our rest. Ask yourself 10 questions:

1. How tired are you?

2. How overwhelmed are you?

3. What would you like more of?

4. What would you like less of?

5. What would honoring your rest look like?

6. What would it sound, feel, taste like?

7. What would be ideal?

8. What space are you willing to carve out for yourself?

9. What will make you feel safe and rested in this space?

10. What are you willing to commit to?*

(* This is the action that will actually get you there…)

I invite you to try this and see what happens. See what it is like when you allow yourself to heal. When you don’t beat yourself up for having balance. When you feel centered, grounded, and yourself again.


With love,


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(Cards in photo: Wildwood Tarot @http://willworthingtonart.co.uk)

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