Our Own Little Devils



We are not perfect.

We want to be all free and light.

And we work towards it. Every day.

But we also have jealousy, anger, envy, bad thoughts. We know they are there. But in our desire for light, we tamp it down, we pretend it does not exist.

That doesn’t work. Forcing anything into a darkness, even darkness itself, doesn’t make it do what we want it to.

So, what if you owned it? What if you could just say, “yes, I think these thoughts”?

Then you could set them free. You could accept them, say hello to them, acknowledge them without them taking over. Without them making you feel bad. You could see that its just what is there, no right or wrong attached to them. Then they become light. They just are. Without judgement. Without angst and drama. Passing through like clouds in the sky.

Maybe you can even find good in them. Maybe the dark is a source of your mystical, magical self. Parts that have been repressed. Parts that, had you not tamped them down, could simply be a source of creativity.

Often when ‘bad’ cards come up in a coaching session, people fear them. Because they fear the dark within themselves. But, really, it is shining a light. Looking at the shadows allows us to see that they aren’t as big a deal as we think. And, we are not alone. We ALL have these shadows, these elements about ourselves that we would rather not. Through acknowledgement these thoughts and ideas lose their good/bad status and just ARE. And that way they lose value. They lose power. They lose our energy and focus, so we can place those elsewhere…


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10 Benefits of Using Tarot Cards with Coaching









1. Brings hidden to surface through imagery and new ways of looking at things.

2. Shows commonalities we all share through archetypes. You will see that you are not alone.

3. Playful, fun and colorful!

4. Possibility for a new vision, literally :).

5. Images help you proccess your new awarnesses of yourself.

6. Stimulates creative empowerment over your life.

7. You get to see your life as an illustrated story and get to create that yourself.

8. Helps you remember your insights to take with you as you put your new knowledge into practical use.

9. Uses an additional part of your brain, so you can really GET it.

10. You get to be the one making choices about your future.



Reflecting on Vistas



I live in the high desert. It’s broad and expansive. Every direction I look, I see views going on forever. Mountains, valleys, giant sky. It is what I love about the desert. Every which way you look, is a new world. What would it be like if I climbed that mountain? What can I find in that riverbed? What if I were a raven and just flew and flew and flew? A new possibility, an new and different adventure in every direction. And I would get to fly high above it, gaze down at the options, and take my pick.




That’s what moves us forward. When we don’t have a vision of what is possible, how can we possibly move towards what we want?

Creating vision is a process. We play. We imagine. We look at what is possible and what is in our way.

Reflective Tarot Coaching is perfect for this process.  You want to create a vision for yourself. Together we start getting clarity on what that is and how to get there. What blocks you and what actions are best for you to take.

Once we clarify what aspect you want to look at, I will design a tarot spread for you. Together we will investigate what you see in each card and how you can apply it to achieving your goal. We can find what empowers you and what holds you back.

I trust that you best know, deep down, how to get there. Together we simply bring that to the surface through a series of questions and the insights that show up from them.




They are all yours…

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Little Bird…



What would it take for you to reach your goal? Determination? Work? Flow? Ease of intent?

Like the wren, our size doesn’t matter. When we know what we want and move towards it, we can choose to be impervious to the cold, to the snow, to the obstacles. It’s just part of the scenery. It would be a boring vista without it. But it doesn’t need to define us. It doesn’t need to hinder us.

One can still be a little bird, and have a big voice. Bigger than what gets in your way. Bigger than your fears. All that energy coming with the cooler air, the promise of fall, the coming snow, can empower us. The challenge can be excitement in the air.

You have the determination. You have the strength. You have the ability.

Working towards what you want need not require feats of amazing strength. The song of your voice is enough.

You just need to sing.

Then you will fly.


Join me in making that happen: vaike.com


(amazing tarot deck: Wildwood Tarot)

The Wheel of Fortune, Life, Change



It keeps turning.

It keeps changing.

That is what it means to be alive.

Change. Growth. Movement.

We can’t stop it. We can’f force it. But we can make a choice.

We can choose how we will react. We can choose how to respond.

The coming of falls such a stunning reminder of change. The end of summer brings its own kind of new beauty.

It is our human nature to fight change. To protect ourselves from it. But wouldn’t it be easier to roll with it? To weather the slings and arrows with grace and ease?

That is where self reflection comes in. Once we see how we are fighting, it gives us the tools to move forward. With grace. With ease.


If Not Now, When?



Someone I know and dearly love gave me a wakeup call once, years ago.

She was in her late 50’s, smart, educated, strong, admirable. I always looked up to her (I still do). But she once said something that changed my life forever.

It was a small part of a random conversation. Just a tiny bit of shared information. But it winded up informing my decisions from there on out.

“I’m still feeling like I am waiting for my life to begin.”

To hear that from a woman whom I thought had it all together in terms of what she had done with her life, slew me, shocked me, awakened me.

Do we want to keep waiting, or do we want our life? Now? Now is all we have and we waste it so easily. By worrying about the future. By feeling guilty about the past. By just not accepting the here and now.

When I coach clients, I hear so much of this. “If only”, “If I hadn’t”, “If xyz were different”…

But we are here and now. It is what we have got to work with, and its a pretty damn amazing thing to work with, really! When we get coached, it allows us to connect with the fullness of now. It allows us to get our perspective back, have choice in the matter, get enough clarity that we can see the ‘now’ and choose how we want to show up in it.

The things that stop us, cost us. They cost us this very moment.

Be unstoppable.

Choose Less, Do More…



We want to put our heart and soul into everything.

We want to save the world.

We want to save every puppy and kitten on the street.

We want to feed every homeless person. Every starving child.

The planet needs saving. The animals need to be brought back from extinction. The water needs to be unpolluted.

And it goes on.

And we want put our heart into all of it.

But we can’t.

And we feel overwhelmed.

And, then, often, nothing gets done. We just post our frustrations on Facebook and move on. Hoping.

But it is not hopeless. The world is filled with hope. We can all do our part. There is the key ‘our part’.  When we make a choice to minimize, to focus on just one thing, we bring our energy into a type of cohesiveness that is so much more powerful.

When we are scattered, when we are looking at all the shiny objects (positive or negative), we become diffused. Less effectual.

What would it be like to really make a change? Find where your heart lives, where your strength lives and become a powerful changemaker?

When you drill down to who you are, what your strengths are, what you need to move forward, it becomes easier, clearer. You flow. When you can look and see your true self reflected, when you know yourself, you can do som much more in this world.

I invite you to use the tool of Tarot Coaching to gain this clarity.

Sign up to change the world.

Anxiety and The Hanged Man



Anxiety. It sucks. That’s all there is too it.  When we get caught up in it, it can take over our world. Anxiety can affect every aspect of our lives.

The problem is, is that it is a vicious cycle. The more you have anxiety, the more your anxious brain creates reasons to  be anxious.

This is where The Hanged Man comes in. “Let go, and let be” is a wonderful way to look at this card. When you are trussed up with so much that is beyond your control, relaxing and letting go will often allow you to see things in a different perspective. Just like hanging upside down shows you the world in a whole new context.

When things are overwhelming, you can either spiral up with all the overwhelm, or you can just let go. Let it be. Allow knowledge to come to you.

That being said, we all know that “letting go and letting be” is the absolute hardest thing in the world to do. But once we have knowledge, once we can tap into ‘why’, we can sit and process with much more ease.

When you can look at your anxious moments through the cards, that awareness will help give you a space to rest. And when your anxiety can rest, it can recede. And when it can recede, solutions, results and actions can come take its place.

And then you can move forward powerfully.

Then you can create your world.

Then it becomes awesome…

This is one of the ways we can work together with the Reflective Tarot Coaching process to create solutions, so you can move past whatever is stopping you and move forward to an amazing life.

If you are ready, let’s book a session together!


I Saw the House of the Hermit Last Night.




I took a walk in the darkness last night.

There was a light midway up the black night of mountain.

A new light. Amber. Homey. Warm.

I had never seen it before, and thought, “that is where I would like to live.” Slowly, as I kept walking, the light slowly, slowly disappeared into nothingness. I could see no place on the mountain.  It was dark. Black.

It was a momentary gift. The Hermit stepped out of his cave of reflection to shine a light for me. Maybe an invitation to go in.

Go in to the cave. Be quiet in the light of a single lamp.


The only way we are going to hear ourselves is if we listen.

The only way we are going to listen is if we are not distracted.

The only way we are not going to be distracted is if we go in to our cave.

And listen.

Listen in our dark. Listen in our silence. Listen to what is deep and hidden.

There is our voice.

In the darkness. In the cave of the mountain.

Our voice is that beautiful amber light. It will light up the worlds darkness. It will be a beacon.

But we need to hear it first.

That’s what The Hermit tells us…



(Hermit card again from the amazing Wild Unknown Tarot Deck)

A Powerful New Year!



It’s a new year! New growth. New opportunities. New possibilities.

I choose a card for the new year. Consciously.  I wanted to be conscious in my choice as I want you to remember that whatever happens, whatever shows up in your world, you still have choice. You still have your own power in how you want to see, to be, in the world. And, by taking on choice, you create your world. You create the world.

We are that powerful. As long as we remember it.

And so I choose the Ten of Cups. Specifically from The Wild Unknown Deck.

It is simple. And in its simplicity it all comes together. Coming together is what this year is about. If we all gather together, if we all create change, both within ourselves and without, that is where the love is. That is where the joy is. That is where the happiness is.

That is where the strength truly resides.

This is what I wish for us to take on this year.

It is time for us to make it all come together.