Choosing Your Perspective.

I live nomadically. That means I am location independent and can choose where my home is at any moment. Every time I arrive, it is a celebration. New life. New views. New perspectives. New choices. It creates joy. Over and over again.

I wonder why I didn’t feel that way before I hit the road. What changed? I know the view is different, but I am the same. And, of course, they say you take your problems with you wherever you go, and I have no illusions of running away from my problems.

But, still, it was different. I started to listen to people around me. In RV parks, in National Forests, in random rest areas. They were all talking about the moment at hand, their past memories, and, mainly, where they were going in the future. Then it hit me. They had the brain space to do so. They were not cluttered with the small stuff, the tiny perspectives that they had before.

I returned to Los Angeles for a few, o.k. six. months. I was there long enough to spend time with all the people I had left. I was there long enough to start to hear them complain about what color their neighbor had painted their house (oh, no!), how someone left dog poop right in front of their driveway (dreadful!), how someone parked to close to their car (the audacity!). Now, all these things can be irritants, absolutely. But what I saw, from the outside looking in, was that everyone was so caught up in these mini dramas that it just took up a surprising amount of space in their minds.

With so much of your brain cluttered with small details, you start to lose perspective. You are not on the outside looking in at yourself, rather you are so ‘in it’ that you can’t see out. It happens to all of us. We want to do good. We want to save the world. We want to move forward. But we get so consumed with little details that there is no time or space left.

When we are traveling, yes, I step on dog poop, yes, I see houses painted the most, um, ‘interesting’ colors, yes, sometimes people park so close to me that I just wonder what the heck they are thinking. But now I choose my perspective. I have the ability to choose not to get caught up in the mini-dramas because it is just not important in the big scheme of things. I am here to help people. I am here to support the planet. I am also here to just sit and be joyfully in the moment. Dog poop is nothing compared to that.

You don’t need to move every week to see things anew. You don’t need major life changes to force a new perspective. You can just start to ask yourself if that irritant is really important. Is it more important than achieving your goals? What do you want for yourself? What do you want for the world? What little things can you change your perspective on to make that happen?

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