If You’ve Never Fed a Bee…

I fed a bee today.

It was on the ground, moving slowly. I remember reading about giving bees an emergency concoction of sugar and water, so they can nourish themselves.

We have no sugar, but we had grape jelly. I added some onto a spoon, placed it just under the bees mouth, and he reached over to eat. I held the spoon as gently as I could, trying not to move it. He kept on eating. Or was it drinking? I am not sure, but he kept at it.

After a few moments, I picked him and the spoon up and placed it outside in a shady area. The bee proceeded to groom himself and clean up after his lunch. Have you ever seen a bee groom? It’s like watching a tiny kitten. Darling.

Each bee needs to be honored. We must value each and every part of this planet. It can seem so very overwhelming, but each step, each choice, can take us in the right direction. Everything is precious. We need to take care of it.

The blessing is that when we take care of something as small as a tiny, tired bee, we are taking care of ourselves as well. We are helping the world. We are in the act of giving.

We often don’t do the right thing. We try. We want to. But desires, fear of scarcity, overwhelm, hurt, so many feelings, make it hard to make that choice. But every single time that we make that choice. To help, to better, to save, to contribute, we will feel better. Whenever you act from a place of fearless love, it counteracts the fear, it gives us strength, and it gives us hope.

Moving away from acting from fear to acting from love will always, always change how we feel.

And it will be for the better…