Imagery, The Tarot, and Reflective Readings



Images. They all tap in to our psyche. They all show up for us in different ways.

Images are symbols. We can just say, ‘oh, this symbol means…’, but when we actually look at an image, there is a different pathway being activated, and that resonates personally, and quite individually. Think of being told about a painting and studying just the facts surrounding it, or getting to actually sit and be present with a painting. the deconstruction into meaning will not compare to the actual experience.

Symbols abound in tarot. It can be argued that it is all symbol. But personal reactions to visual stimuli can be different. For example, we can talk all day long about the symbology, history, social implications of the color red, but to actually, visually, experience the color is a whole different thing. The experience may not align with certain elements of known symbology, etc. It may make one person cry, it may make another angry.

This is where tarot is most powerful. When it speaks to to each individual’s personal experience, and does not just live as a symbol alone. When image is connected to viewer is when the magic happens.

With Reflective Tarot Coaching, it is all about what the client sees. There is a trust that they will see exactly what they need to. And, really, you are the expert in and of your own life. As a reader, I do not get in the way of that with my own advice, because there is really no need to. Yes, meanings, archetypes, symbols all come into play, but the biggest, most important, most powerful element, is what YOU see.