Sadness and Negative Emotions

Achieving your dreams and living a fulfilling life doesn’t equal perfection. Life is still here. It’s how we handle it that matters. When you are in a good place, centered and calm, you can allow the sadness, anger, grief, wash over you. To pretend it’s never going to exist once you reach your dream is unrealistic. It can put pressure on you, making you doubt yourself and your goals.

To acknowledge the imperfections, the moments of sadness, anger, etc. allows you to let these things pass through you. You have to remember that these emotions are not permanent. Letting them be, instead of fighting with them, is the key.

Allow sadness. Allow anger. It’s not you. It is just something passing through you. Look at it and understand that sometimes you and the negative emotion will stand in the same place.  But that emotion is not you. That emotion is not permanent. Let it be and it might hang around a bit, but then it will go. Don’t hold on. Don’t identify it as part of the permanent you.

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