What I Believe About the Tarot

I believe that the tarot is another tool in our toolbox. It is a reminder of the path we are going through. Often we lose our path, we forget our purpose. This path is pretty universal to all of humanity. The symbols are common to us all. We all share goals, different, yet the same. It is this sameness that the images speak to, the collective consciousness. This sameness is often hidden, even in our unconscious mind. The tarot can bring this inner guide out to re-guide us, so to speak. The tarot is about visual information as well. When we see ourselves using more than one of our senses, it helps us get deeper into self knowledge, as it triggers different parts of our brain to activate.

I believe that a tarot reader is a guide, not a fortune teller. The querent is actually doing the work, The reader is just lighting the way. The answers all come from inside. We just don’t always ‘see’ what we know, and having an outside viewer helps to clarify things.

Just as an artist can learn about themselves and their own work through the eyes of the viewer, you can learn about yourself and your path through the eyes of the tarot reader.

You are the artist of your own life.


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