We Make Our Own Three of Swords

imageWe are all powerful. Sounds good, doesn’t it? We have the ability to create our world, see our world, interact in our world however we like. A good thing, right? Absolutely. Until we create our world in a way that is harmful to us. That makes us sad. That disempowers us. We have the choice to go either way. (we really do)

Take a look at the Deviant Moon Tarot’s Three of Swords, above. She has three swords piercing her heart. A loss, a blocking of energy. Maybe a heartbreak or a betrayal. These things happen. We can’t live in a 100% perfect world with no pain or suffering. It is called being human. We can’t ‘opt-out’ of everything that is challenging.

But. Take a look at this woman again. What is the one thing that she is taking action on, that she is actively doing? She is poking her own wounds, isn’t she? She has a black tear running down her face, but you have to ask, is it because of  her situation, or because of her actively adding to the suffering? If her hand was on the other side, on the handle, pulling a sword out of her heart, she would be powerfully engaging in her situation. But, no, she’s poking. She’s adding to the pain. She is going in deeper.

This is an aspect of our power that we have to recognize. We often get in the habit of taking things to the dramatical heights, seeing the worst case scenario, dwelling in the suffering. We forget that we have choice. That we may not be able to change the situation, but we can change our reaction to it. And that makes all the difference.

So, what are you wallowing in? What are you poking at? What can you step back from? What can you do instead of poking the wound?

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