Different Places

Everyone comes from a different place. We will meet many people who have opposing viewpoints to ours. But by ‘holding our tongue’, letting them have their say, we will have better access to finding a commonality that we share.

Our commonality is larger than our differences, although we tend to put more energy into focusing on what is different instead of what is the same. This happens on a small scale, “oh, he/she dresses that way, it must mean…”, and on a large scale, “all republicans are…, all democrats are…”.

The challenge is to let go of all those differences. Think of them as clothing to be stripped off and blown away in the wind. What lies underneath is commonality. Our fears, desires, wants and needs are so much the same. They express themselves differently, but it all stems from a desire for love and an aversion to fear.

We try to control getting what we want from how we have learned to survive, how we have learned to live our lives. We have ‘tricks’ that work, ways of manipulating the world around us that we have learned since childhood. That is what creates our differences: we all have learned different ways that work. But really, that’s almost random. The underlying desire is what is important. It is all for wanting love and avoiding fear.

Look at everyone with the question in your mind, “how are they using this to get love or avoid fear?”, and you will see that their differences are just different tools.

Acknowledging this will allow you to bridge the gap between you.

And wouldn’t the world be such a nicer place?

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