Endless Thoughts Running Around Our Heads.

If we stop to listen to our thoughts, the thoughts that we have every day, we see that so many of them are just habitual patterns. We carry them around with us, not even thinking about whether they are valid or not. Thoughts of being overwhelmed, thoughts of being behind, thoughts of “I am so tired”, “I have so much to do”. These thoughts are exhausting. They drain our energy and take up our time. How absurd is it to be exhausted by thoughts of feeling exhausted?  They fill our heads with mental clutter. Identifying these thoughts is the first step to letting them go.
We need to stop and listen to ourselves. Practice checking in with your thoughts and just listen. Do not put any judgment on what you are thinking, as that just keeps the cycle going. Some thoughts that you may be carrying habitually:

I’m so tired.
I have so much to do.
It’s just not fair.
It’s always up to me.
I just need to get this done.
When will this be over?
My head/back/feet hurt.

Sometimes you don’t need to do any more than just become aware of them. Accept that they are there and they lose their power. They become just what they are. Just thoughts.


It’s the first step to healing from overwhelm.

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