Filling Your Cups

horse5In tarot, the cups are all about emotions, feelings, love. Good yummy stuff. Until they are empty. At the bottom of the cups (think of them reversed if that helps), are the gunkier emotions. Away from reality, emotionally driven, or lack of any emotion at all. This can show up in many ways. Different for all of us. But we all have a need to keep our cups full. If we don’t, they dry up, the get cracked. They dry out. We have nothing left to give.

We can’t give if we don’t got. By taking care of our own needs, we can refill our cups. We often feel that it is selfish to ‘do for ourselves’, but, really, it benefits everyone. Once we take care of our needs, we can give again to others. We have access to the balanced emotional state that is neither overly gushing and out of control, or so bland and empty that we do not even have a smile to share with anyone.

Think about how to fill your cups. Pencil it in your calendar. No, pen it in. Non erasable ink. It’s imperative.

Yes. Imperitive:

adjective: imperative
of vital importance; crucial.


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