Freedom Comes From Where You Create It.

When you feel triggered by something, When you experience panic or anxiety. When you hear your brain arguing a point over and over again. These can all be signals that you have created something in your life that is not working for you. It may be new, or it may have been there so long that you don’t even notice it’s presence, except if just on the sidelines.

I have had a group of people in my life for years. Almost twenty. I have never really fit in with them and I never felt a deep connection with them, not them with me. But due to proximity both in location and work commonalities, we were connected superficially.

After I started my adventures and left them, I still held on. I still followed the group on FaceBook, I still commented, I still discussed and participated.

Then, while trying to help someone, I made a suggestion that wasn’t well thought out. It was a small error in judgement that came from my not being truly present that day and just wanting to help someone.

And someone simply called me out on it.

But boy oh boy did I react! My feelings were totally out of proportion to my mistake. Completely and absolutely. I panicked. I called someone for coaching. It took me a long time to calm down. I saw the absurdity, as it was such a small mistake and was simply that, a mistake, but just couldn’t let go. It was just weird.

Then, that night it hit me. It wasn’t about my stupid little mistake. It was about feeling judgment from a group of people that I had no real desire to connect with, but somehow had a story of needing their approval. I didn’t live there anymore, I didn’t do the same work anymore, but I was still keeping my need to be accepted. I realized that I had been seeking approval and connection that simply wasn’t there, and I didn’t really even need or want it.

I let go.

Just like that.

Boy did it feel good. It opened up all this new space in my life. Space that now was available to fill with whatever joy and abundance I chose!

When you are creating the life that brings you the most joy, not all of your past is going to fit in to a neat little compartment in your future. But you don’t always notice this. You need to explore, to see what makes you uncomfortable and stifled, what is keeping you from moving forward. It isn’t always obvious, so you need to search for it.

What old attachments do you still carry that are not serving you anymore?

What steps can you take to let go of these attachments and create new openings and space in your life?

And what wonderful new things and ways of being will you put in this new space of freedom?




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