The only way to stop feeling judged and stereotyped is to stop judging and stereotyping. It is really one of those things that, the more you put out there, the more it comes back to you. It’s important to stay aware of the judgments we put out into the world.

Watch yourself.

Try to go 5 minutes without judgement when stuck in traffic or any other place that is a stressor for you with other people around.

One, you will find that it can be quite a challenge.  🙂

But, two, you will also find a lovely peace in that place. It will help you become less self conscious, less stressed, less angry, less disconnected from others. The benefits of letting go of judgement are huge. It’s liberating to not worry about what others think of you, and to not worry about what you think of them.

It will bring you to a place of connectedness, compassion and love.

And that is a great goal we can all strive for.

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