Our Own Little Devils



We are not perfect.

We want to be all free and light.

And we work towards it. Every day.

But we also have jealousy, anger, envy, bad thoughts. We know they are there. But in our desire for light, we tamp it down, we pretend it does not exist.

That doesn’t work. Forcing anything into a darkness, even darkness itself, doesn’t make it do what we want it to.

So, what if you owned it? What if you could just say, “yes, I think these thoughts”?

Then you could set them free. You could accept them, say hello to them, acknowledge them without them taking over. Without them making you feel bad. You could see that its just what is there, no right or wrong attached to them. Then they become light. They just are. Without judgement. Without angst and drama. Passing through like clouds in the sky.

Maybe you can even find good in them. Maybe the dark is a source of your mystical, magical self. Parts that have been repressed. Parts that, had you not tamped them down, could simply be a source of creativity.

Often when ‘bad’ cards come up in a coaching session, people fear them. Because they fear the dark within themselves. But, really, it is shining a light. Looking at the shadows allows us to see that they aren’t as big a deal as we think. And, we are not alone. We ALL have these shadows, these elements about ourselves that we would rather not. Through acknowledgement these thoughts and ideas lose their good/bad status and just ARE. And that way they lose value. They lose power. They lose our energy and focus, so we can place those elsewhere…


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