The Tower in Tarot.



The tarot. The tower. Many people are uncomfortable with this card. It’s easy to see why. The image is of destruction. Of  people flying out of a tower. But think of it. The tower is decaying. You are only there because of familiarity. Change is scary. We would rather stay in something that no longer serves us than take action to move to a better place. So sometimes the universe shakes it up for us. If we are stagnant we often need a kick in the butt. Its what we do with this kick that matters. How we face it. The attitude we have. How we embrace it. Ask yourself: do you really want to stay in this rut? Day in and day out, because its what is known, which is safer than what is unknown. But guess what? Where do your dreams reside? Yes, more over towards that unknown place. That place where you have to take a step outside your comfort zone. Where you have to open up. Take a bit of risk.

So, take a new look at the what areas you are not moving towards your dreams. What is stopping you? What is keeping you hiding in this safe (for now) and crumbling tower? What is getting in your way of taking your own step forward and has you waiting for the tower to shake it up for you?

You have the strength to take the first steps forward.

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