What is Our Nature and The Moon Card.


Yesterday a loved dog went past this life to meet Wolf, his guide. It was both painful and a relief to those that loved him. It was a tragedy all the way around, and his tremendous gift will be missed. It was a hard day.

This morning I woke up, of course, with him on my mind. I also awoke to the image of The Moon Card, as it, in the classic Rider Waite deck, features a dog and a wolf. I have recently been doing a deeper study of this card and was stuck on a description that included “fear of the natural mind”. “Natural” was the term that challenged me. I woke up this morning knowing. It is the fear of our own nature. We fear who we are, what we are capable of. We fear the bad that can come from us, but that also makes us fear the good, as the shadow and the self are both deep down in there. The Moon is shining light on our fears, so we can see the good as well.

Ralphie, the dog, feared his own nature. Trying to control his dangerous impulses, he also couldn’t let go and experience his own good.

We are more fortunate than Ralphie, we can make greater choices than a canine can. While the moon card refers to “hidden enemies, danger, darkness, deception” (Rider-Waite), these are all things that we bring up, ourselves. They are all within ourselves, and because they are, we have choice. We have a choice in how we look at it. We have a choice on how we feel about it. We have a choice on what action to take.

I am heartbroken that Ralphie could not make that choice. According to Thich Nhat Hahn, nothing dies, everything lives on within us, around us. A cloud never goes way, it just changes form. Ralphie’s gift to me is a deeper awareness of our nature and what is possible.

May you go play in freedom with Wolf, Ralphie. And thank you.


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