Choose Less, Do More…



We want to put our heart and soul into everything.

We want to save the world.

We want to save every puppy and kitten on the street.

We want to feed every homeless person. Every starving child.

The planet needs saving. The animals need to be brought back from extinction. The water needs to be unpolluted.

And it goes on.

And we want put our heart into all of it.

But we can’t.

And we feel overwhelmed.

And, then, often, nothing gets done. We just post our frustrations on Facebook and move on. Hoping.

But it is not hopeless. The world is filled with hope. We can all do our part. There is the key ‘our part’.  When we make a choice to minimize, to focus on just one thing, we bring our energy into a type of cohesiveness that is so much more powerful.

When we are scattered, when we are looking at all the shiny objects (positive or negative), we become diffused. Less effectual.

What would it be like to really make a change? Find where your heart lives, where your strength lives and become a powerful changemaker?

When you drill down to who you are, what your strengths are, what you need to move forward, it becomes easier, clearer. You flow. When you can look and see your true self reflected, when you know yourself, you can do som much more in this world.

I invite you to use the tool of Tarot Coaching to gain this clarity.

Sign up to change the world.

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