Just Keep Moving in the Right Direction. Don’t Worry About Perfection.

I had a great insight the other day. I was so excited about writing a blog post about it. It was profound, it was insightful, it brought me to a new understanding of myself.

Then I  instantly forgot it.

I was upset because it was a really great learning experience for me. It really made me feel good about myself.

But things have a way of circling back. If you miss out on a lesson, a new awareness, don’t beat yourself up. Just keep moving forward.

For me, missing out on that lesson gave me this lesson. To just keep moving forward. Allow  your life to be imperfect. Allow yourself to skip a life learning “class” every once in awhile.

Often, when people take on self growth, they start to force it. They feel they need to be perfect. That growth and self awareness happens in a straight line. It doesn’t. Nothing in life follows a straight path.

Once you accept that, your process will flow so much more easily. You don’t need to worry about “doing it right”. Just “do it forward”. Don’t count how many times you stumble. It really doesn’t matter.

Use your stumbles to find humor, joy, self care, something gently positive. If you snap at someone at work, for example, just use that opportunity (as it is an opportunity) to reflect on what you need. Are you cranky? Tap into something funny. Are you tired? Gift yourself with a treat/bath/extra hour of sleep, etc. Do you just not like this person? Gift yourself with compassion (as it surely will get passed on).

It’s not all going to work out perfectly. So don’t worry about perfection. Focus on direction.




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