Celebration IS the Point.



Just celebrate already! It’s life. It’s beautiful. It’ is rich and deep and profound and moving. It is dark and light. We can dwell in the dark, sure. But if we are not celebrating the light, well. what is the point?

Have the Three of Cups show up for you every day. Dance. Sing. Hug friends. Take a bath. I don’t know how it shows up for you, this celebration. I don’t know what is going to bring you the most joy. It is your choice. It is yours to decide from everything out there.

There is no meaning to life if we don’t honor it, play with it, love it. All the cliches apply: Life is a gift, you only live once, you don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so live fully today. The list goes wonderfully on and on. That’s because there is so much truth there.

We often wait for the opportune moment to celebrate. But according to who? I remember being in a seminar with a few hundred wonderful people. We were all standing up, taking turns stating what we wanted to take on in life. People were mentioning writing books, getting a better job, finding a deeper relationship with their partner, etc. All wonderful, fabulous intentions. Then this one guy:

He stood up and stated that he wanted to take on having the most fun possible. He just wanted to party and do fun things and live in joy every day.

It was pretty awesome. It was years ago. And he is the only one whose specific intention I remember. Although I do remember the whole room supporting him in this amazing choice in life. That was who he was. And it made us all happier knowing that there is this one guy out there that is just going to have some damn fun.

I hope he is partying today…


(And, yes, that is me a few years ago. It feels a bit awkward to add in my own picture, but you know what? There is nothing celebratory about feeling awkward, so I am doing it anyway… 🙂 )

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