Order Out of Balance



This is my second set of thoughts about needing to make order out of chaos. When I wrote about the Alzheimer’s woman yesterday, finding safety in putting rocks and twigs and stones in order, I got it, I was with her. But something kept showing up for me. As I looked at the light, the shadow was tapping at my shoulder. And I saw what was most needed.


Taking the need to make order out of nature and our surroundings to the extreme can through us out of balance. In fact, it is what throws the earth out of balance. The need to take nature and align it completely to patterns, straight lines, proper places is what is bringing about the destruction of the place we live in.

When we try to control too much, when we try to have knowledge and dominion over all things is when life is out of balance, when the shadow rises up to try to take all.

The two cards that strongly show up in this idea are The Hierophant and Temperance.

The Hierophant, with his structure and order, when taken too far, becomes control and  ultimate authority. This goes far beyond gathering rocks and meditatively placing them. This goes to tearing off tops of mountains and discarding that which does not fit under ones control. Taking it too far is having order to precedence over all else. Cold. Harsh. Without pity. The machine element comes out. The human element disappears.

Yet there is Temperance.


Allowing both things to be at once. Taking only what you need. Build a pile with your rocks but don’t take the whole mountain. Know when to stop. Be aware what is balance is what will create enough for all. This is done with thoughtfulness and mindfulness in all things. Every moment is a moment to ask if you are out of balance. Every moment is a moment to make that choice.

So, that is what showed up for me from my post yesterday.

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