Ticket to Ride the Chariot. Facebook Version



Energy. It goes up and down. There is positive and negative. Each input of this energy takes us to a different place. Happy, sad. Angry, fighty, supportive, loving. This movement forward shows up like crazy on Facebook.

We read about amazing animal rescues. We read about amazing animal torture. Someone posts about something awful a cop did to a black man, someone posts about something heroic a stranger did for a cop. It can take our energy and swirl it into something that combines all the best in the world with all the worst.

Where does that leave you? I think it leaves you far from the control of your own destiny, your own viewpoint of the world. We absorb all this stuff. Crap, really. It inspires us to move forward, in a way, but not powerfully. It pulls us in different directions, as it all is important and it all needs to be addressed right now(!), which is kind of true, but kind of impossible at the same time.

When we look at the chariot, there is a black sphynx and a white sphynx. Almost as one is looking at the world and what needs to be done from the glass half empty, and the other is looking at it from the glass being half full. Both are valid. Both are pushing us forward, but each is going to resonate differently. Some will be inspired to change the world from seeing what is wrong that needs to be righted. Some will be inspired to change the world from seeing what is right and figuring out how to keep that growing.

And, yes, we get both on Facebook. And, really, it can get hard. I don’t think it is common to be able to ride both sides of the line. And that can be really disjointing and crazymaking on Facebook. But like all things, we have choice in the matter of what is going to propel us forward.

All you have to decide is which direction is yours.

And leave the rest.



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