Celebration IS the Point.



Just celebrate already! It’s life. It’s beautiful. It’ is rich and deep and profound and moving. It is dark and light. We can dwell in the dark, sure. But if we are not celebrating the light, well. what is the point?

Have the Three of Cups show up for you every day. Dance. Sing. Hug friends. Take a bath. I don’t know how it shows up for you, this celebration. I don’t know what is going to bring you the most joy. It is your choice. It is yours to decide from everything out there.

There is no meaning to life if we don’t honor it, play with it, love it. All the cliches apply: Life is a gift, you only live once, you don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so live fully today. The list goes wonderfully on and on. That’s because there is so much truth there.

We often wait for the opportune moment to celebrate. But according to who? I remember being in a seminar with a few hundred wonderful people. We were all standing up, taking turns stating what we wanted to take on in life. People were mentioning writing books, getting a better job, finding a deeper relationship with their partner, etc. All wonderful, fabulous intentions. Then this one guy:

He stood up and stated that he wanted to take on having the most fun possible. He just wanted to party and do fun things and live in joy every day.

It was pretty awesome. It was years ago. And he is the only one whose specific intention I remember. Although I do remember the whole room supporting him in this amazing choice in life. That was who he was. And it made us all happier knowing that there is this one guy out there that is just going to have some damn fun.

I hope he is partying today…


(And, yes, that is me a few years ago. It feels a bit awkward to add in my own picture, but you know what? There is nothing celebratory about feeling awkward, so I am doing it anyway… 🙂 )

Releasing Yourself From Bondage. Eight of Swords.



There is no greater bondage than what we create for ourselves. We make choices that blind us, that bind us. We go through life not thinking, not looking. Then, all of a sudden, we are restricted and wonder how we ever got that way. Who put these blinders on? Who set up these dangerous swords around us?

Slowly, subtly. We allow ourselves to be bound without awareness. We don’t notice it, we are not present to it. That is understandable. As these restrictions creep up on us, they can be hidden, they can be so out in the open that it is almost too obvious.

Our arms are ties, our eyes are shut, we are so worried about any misstep that we don’t make the attempt to step forward at all. This can come from trying to ‘be’ a certain way, trying to please others, trying to be how we ‘should’ be. It is a long list. And the list becomes more important than our freedom. So we stay bound.

But how is that any way to live? How is that going to bring your own personal awesomeness to the world? How is it going to change the world? It’s not.

How do you rip off that blindfold? Well, that blindfold can be seen as a positive. What if you did not have to look at all those swords of ‘shoulds’? You could look in, you could connect with self. You can find your center. And from your center, from who you truly are, you can move forward in your own strength.

Hella lot better than trying to please everyone else.

Ticket to Ride the Chariot. Facebook Version



Energy. It goes up and down. There is positive and negative. Each input of this energy takes us to a different place. Happy, sad. Angry, fighty, supportive, loving. This movement forward shows up like crazy on Facebook.

We read about amazing animal rescues. We read about amazing animal torture. Someone posts about something awful a cop did to a black man, someone posts about something heroic a stranger did for a cop. It can take our energy and swirl it into something that combines all the best in the world with all the worst.

Where does that leave you? I think it leaves you far from the control of your own destiny, your own viewpoint of the world. We absorb all this stuff. Crap, really. It inspires us to move forward, in a way, but not powerfully. It pulls us in different directions, as it all is important and it all needs to be addressed right now(!), which is kind of true, but kind of impossible at the same time.

When we look at the chariot, there is a black sphynx and a white sphynx. Almost as one is looking at the world and what needs to be done from the glass half empty, and the other is looking at it from the glass being half full. Both are valid. Both are pushing us forward, but each is going to resonate differently. Some will be inspired to change the world from seeing what is wrong that needs to be righted. Some will be inspired to change the world from seeing what is right and figuring out how to keep that growing.

And, yes, we get both on Facebook. And, really, it can get hard. I don’t think it is common to be able to ride both sides of the line. And that can be really disjointing and crazymaking on Facebook. But like all things, we have choice in the matter of what is going to propel us forward.

All you have to decide is which direction is yours.

And leave the rest.



Just Do. Don’t perfect.


Type. Just type.

Write. Just write.

Something will show up.

Something will open.

Even if it is just the courage to push through.

Keep going.

Erase the blocks.

Can’t erase them.

Maybe just override?

Sometimes there is no flow. Sometimes there is only stuckness. Can’t move forward. Can’t get anything done.

But is this really true? Is ‘can’t’ a fact here? Or maybe it is just allowing the imperfect to show up. What would happen if the ‘perfect’ did not run you? I bet you could move. I bet you could get things done. Don’t worry about the grade, just start to type the paper.

And keep typing.

Maybe nothing brilliant will happen. Maybe all you can get out of it is knowing that you did it. Maybe we should allow ourselves to appreciate and be content and be human with that knowledge.

At the very least, it will make for a better night of sleep.

And that’s a good thing…

Order Out of Balance



This is my second set of thoughts about needing to make order out of chaos. When I wrote about the Alzheimer’s woman yesterday, finding safety in putting rocks and twigs and stones in order, I got it, I was with her. But something kept showing up for me. As I looked at the light, the shadow was tapping at my shoulder. And I saw what was most needed.


Taking the need to make order out of nature and our surroundings to the extreme can through us out of balance. In fact, it is what throws the earth out of balance. The need to take nature and align it completely to patterns, straight lines, proper places is what is bringing about the destruction of the place we live in.

When we try to control too much, when we try to have knowledge and dominion over all things is when life is out of balance, when the shadow rises up to try to take all.

The two cards that strongly show up in this idea are The Hierophant and Temperance.

The Hierophant, with his structure and order, when taken too far, becomes control and  ultimate authority. This goes far beyond gathering rocks and meditatively placing them. This goes to tearing off tops of mountains and discarding that which does not fit under ones control. Taking it too far is having order to precedence over all else. Cold. Harsh. Without pity. The machine element comes out. The human element disappears.

Yet there is Temperance.


Allowing both things to be at once. Taking only what you need. Build a pile with your rocks but don’t take the whole mountain. Know when to stop. Be aware what is balance is what will create enough for all. This is done with thoughtfulness and mindfulness in all things. Every moment is a moment to ask if you are out of balance. Every moment is a moment to make that choice.

So, that is what showed up for me from my post yesterday.

Our Need for Order and Meaning



I live on the road. Out in nature. From campground to campground. It is visually random. Audibly random. Yes, there is a rhythm here. But you have to listen for it. Therefore, I wonder, if we don’t see it, how deep is our need to place it all in a pattern?

I was out walking my dogs the other day as I passed a woman standing in an empty campsite. It looked to me as if she were picking up rocks. But I did not look closely.

Later that evening, as I was, yet again, walking the dogs, I saw police cars. Quite a few of them, on the other end of the campground. On the return round of the walk I discovered her story, sort of. This woman was lost in San Diego. A 3-4 hour drive away from where we are camped in the high desert.  They had been searching for her for 3 weeks. She had Alzheimer’s. How she got here was a mystery.

But here she was. Collecting rocks.

As I passed the spot the next day, I took a closer look. On the picnic table, she had organized rocks, twigs, raven feathers, and even a silver earring she had found. All in order. All classified by the thoughts and patterns in her head.

We are the pattern seekers of all the species. Humans look for order, patterns, meaning, in all things. I saw that in this older woman. She didn’t know where she was, she may not have known who she was, but here she was, making patterns, making order. I wonder what she got from it. Did she feel safer with order? Did she find meaning with the patterns and classification? Was it a comfort or a drive?

My guess is that it was both. We feel comfort with order. It helps define what things mean. Puts things into place and perspective. And that helps us to know who we are in relation to this world.



True Self, The Devil, and Shooting Yourself in the Foot


Why is it so hard? Why do we almost make things happen, but not quite get there. Why do we start things and not follow through? Why do we put things off until later/never? Why do we find excuses? Over and over again.

Showing up as your true self is amazing. It is powerful. It is healing. It is connected. It is real.

It is real scary.

We can fear our own power.  It is different. It is a new way of being. It feels odd. Maybe we feel too big. Maybe we feel we shouldn’t dare. Maybe we feel we don’t deserve it. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

So, to support these doubts. To stay with the status quo. To keep change from happening, to keep us from showing up, we conveniently shoot ourselves in the foot. We set up roadblocks and believe them to be beyond our control.

But it is not the truth. This is where the devil lives. Making us believe that it is out of our hands, that we are powerless to remove our chains.

The devil is hoping that we don’t notice that the chains that bind us are actually loose. They are just hanging there. For us to remove at any moment. But we believe the story. We believe that these roadblocks are created from outside of us, therefore we stay chained.

And when we shoot ourselves in the foot, yes, it is our own doing, our own action. But we still blame it on something that can’t be helped: we are stupid, we are lazy, we are forgetful…

As if that is fact. Just the way it is. The devil lies. And we believe.

To remove the chains, to be set free from what pulls us down, we don’t need to ‘do’ anything. We don’t need to try to break the links with our own bare hands. We don’t need to fight. We don’t need to struggle to squirm out of them.

We just need to stop believing in them…



Black cat crossing your path.

Walking under a ladder.

Stepping on a crack, breaking your mama’s back.

There are so many superstitions in every culture. As a part of culture, they are quite  interesting to look at and and their history can be fascinating.

But once you internalize them. Once you give an object or event power over you, that’s where the danger lies. It’s giving up agency. It’s telling the world, and, more importantly, yourself, that you are powerless.

I used to avoid cracks as a kid. It was fun. Until it was stressful, as I just didn’t want to take the chance of actually hurting my mother, because, oh, I loved her so much. What if it really happened? I couldn’t take that chance As a child, it is easy to slip in to all forms of beliefs about yourself and the world. Especially with a child’s desperate need to feel safe. But, as adults, we need to investigate these beliefs, shine lights on them, make conscious decisions, become our own sources of power and knowledge.

Let’s take this to tarot. The cards have no power over you. Drawing The Devil card does not mean that awful things are going to happen to you. Drawing The Tower card does not mean that there is going to be an earthquake. replete with lightning and thunder, that tosses you and everything you love out the window.

If we went with superstition, that is what we would be lead to believe. Or, conversely, that if we draw The Ten of Cups, it means marriage, house and children are all waiting for us around the corner. I know, this is where superstition really draws us in. This safety, this happy ending. This luck of the draw and (at the same time)  this guarantee.

Yes, superstition can make us promises. But they are not real. And they are random. Life is random enough. To allow superstition to come in is taking any power we have in circumstances away from us.

But we actually are more powerful. We do have choice. We have the ability to decide for ourselves. This is so much more amazing than just being led by the nose.

The power is in the Wheel of Fortune card. Yes, life spins around us, tosses us challenges and gifts. But that is just what is. The power shows up when we consciously make the decisions on how to take it on.

And that has nothing to do with not opening an umbrella in the house…

We Make Our Own Three of Swords

imageWe are all powerful. Sounds good, doesn’t it? We have the ability to create our world, see our world, interact in our world however we like. A good thing, right? Absolutely. Until we create our world in a way that is harmful to us. That makes us sad. That disempowers us. We have the choice to go either way. (we really do)

Take a look at the Deviant Moon Tarot’s Three of Swords, above. She has three swords piercing her heart. A loss, a blocking of energy. Maybe a heartbreak or a betrayal. These things happen. We can’t live in a 100% perfect world with no pain or suffering. It is called being human. We can’t ‘opt-out’ of everything that is challenging.

But. Take a look at this woman again. What is the one thing that she is taking action on, that she is actively doing? She is poking her own wounds, isn’t she? She has a black tear running down her face, but you have to ask, is it because of  her situation, or because of her actively adding to the suffering? If her hand was on the other side, on the handle, pulling a sword out of her heart, she would be powerfully engaging in her situation. But, no, she’s poking. She’s adding to the pain. She is going in deeper.

This is an aspect of our power that we have to recognize. We often get in the habit of taking things to the dramatical heights, seeing the worst case scenario, dwelling in the suffering. We forget that we have choice. That we may not be able to change the situation, but we can change our reaction to it. And that makes all the difference.

So, what are you wallowing in? What are you poking at? What can you step back from? What can you do instead of poking the wound?

Tarot as Tool

imageI believe that the tarot is a tool for us. Not magical. Not an oracle. But a tool where we have the power. The future is in our control. The images and stories of the tarot remind us of the path we are going through. As this path is pretty universal to humanity, the symbols in it are common to us all. Maybe different shapes, sizes and colors, but we are still the same.

We all share goals in one form or another. It is this sameness that the images speak to, the collective consciousness. Sometimes this ‘sameness’ is hidden. Under layers of protection. This can even be hidden in the unconscious.

By using the tarot to open oneself up, it can bring back out, from under these layers, our inner guide, which knows what we, as living, loving humans, strive for.

The tarot can help re-guide us back to beauty, love and happiness.